A Wellbeing Courses App.

The easiest way to learn wellbeing things from app that focused more on health, cooking, nutrition, and gardening. Since this app is going to use more by women's I have to keep in mind that it looks more intuitive as well as the interface looks pretty so they can easily browse the content and buy a course for seeing it later.


After understanding the business goals and discussing the requirements it's time to put all the ideas into rough sketches to present all the essential features of App pages by keeping in mind user experience.

Visual Identity

Once the wireframes finished for all the screens I move into XD where I define style guidelines for colors and typography.


As the design is more focused on learning and buying courses I relayed more on pictures and tried to keep more white spaces with minimal use of colors.

Dark 85%
Dark 65%
Dark 25%

I tried different font families to give better readability but Gilroy was the final font family which I found to give better readability with various font sizes and weights.

Visual Design

Discover screen is for the users who came either for the first time or daily visitors. This screen contains a quick search feature where users can search for their favorite courses. They can explore a wild variety of new and popular courses from this screen.

With this, they can easily explore a wild variety of courses from New and Popular tabs. Best instructors are among those who impressed the subscriber by presenting different tips and techniques which helped the user to find their solutions.

Discover Lectures

The lecture screen is the detailed screen from the user clicks on the Popular or New tab where the user can be able to see the lessons of that particular course. Also, a free preview of the first lesson and they can check the overview of the course as well as reviews given by past users.


The search screen will help user to find their favorite topic which they want to learn. Along with that there is category tags suggestion where they can find all the courses which relate to that particular tags.

The recommended courses will suggest user some best courses based on their past searching history where they can expand their skills in different way.

My course

My course screen contains all the details which normally user interacted through out the app. They can resume last watched video from the cource.

All the bought courses can be found in subscription section so that they can watch it later.

The bookmark section will contain the courses which user prefers to buy it later but save it for now. So they can easily find it at one place.

Next Project.

Virtual Event Dashboard.