Virtual Event Dashboard.

An event management platform where event organizers can sign up and conduct events. This is a ticketing module, where event organizers can create various ticket types for an event and this is in-turn purchased by attendees. A Buyer can buy multiple tickets, provide information for all the attendees for whom he/she bought the ticket and make payment online/offline (cheque, DD, on the spot), etc. and complete the purchase process.


I spent little more time to work on sketch and High Fidelity wireframes to clear the picture of understanding the brief which helped me to put things on place like typography, buttons, navigation tabs and other elements to create nice Visual Design.

Visual Identity

Since I am going create a dashboard I had to clear in my mind that whatever I am choosing for the design weather its color or fonts it has to look clean and prominent as user is going to spend most of the time here to find their information which they looking for.


I tried to relayed more on black and white theme and used brand and other colors carefully only when somethings needs to be more highlighted like buttons, tags etc.

Primary Dark
Gray 15%
purple 5%

Since the typography takes 70% part in design I experimented few different font families that provides not only good readability but looks more professional which enhance the look of Design. I choose Google Sans font family after trying few different variations of fonts which meet my perfect needs and giving seamless readability experience.

Visual Design

The big challenge for me to design virtual events screen is to show all the information on the screen without any clutter so that users can interact seamlessly without any hassle.

Top header tabs and notifications

From the top header tabs user can be able to see specific event information of that time by clicking on each status with the events numbers.

The notifications will provide all the accurate information's which is done by buyers. Also if there any event is going to start within 5 to 10 mins the organizers can send a reminders to buyer to stay up so that the event can start on the time.

search, Filter, export and Views feature

The quick search bar is to easily find an events by entering event name or id.

The filter option will help to check the status of an accurate event. It will help them to filter the events either selecting specific status or day and get a more accurate record by selecting a date range from the calendar.

User can export the data in to excel format for all events or particular status events by clicking on export button.

Based on their experience they can change the view either in listing or card view.

View Full details

View full details will provide all the detailed information about that particular event where a user can be able to check the agenda of the event in detail. With that users can check other information as well like timings, status, ID, payment mode, and contact information about attendees like phone number and email address.

Card View

The card view will give users a different experience where they can find the same content in a card view. So it's easy for them to change the layout to the card view if they are not comfortable with the list view.

Next Project.

A landing page design for a Marketing company.