Software marketing company
landing page design.

Software company who build software’s and marketing them for government industries and help them to build their business.

Visual Identity

The website mainly focusing on marketing I had to present all the features effectively which represent what they are for and create the trust in their clients that they can rely on them.


The colors I have used is already defined in their brand guidelines so I have to followed that and use it precisely that can look evenly equal in the landing page.

Primary Light 1
greenish sky blue
Primary Light 2
Dark Gray

The typography is having a big role to represents the brand and I have followed their predefined font family Montserrat which helps them to build a strong statement.


Following their brand guidelines, they have a huge number of illustrations library to use for the website but since I am renovating the website I have used existing illustrations and modified them according to the new theme of the website.

Visual Design

I have tried to keep landing page clean with minimal objects by following their style guidelines and instructions.

Next Project.

A learning app for the educational podcast.